Learn French Fast with Online Classes Taught by an Experienced Native Teacher

Discover the richness of the French language and culture with our fun and engaging online classes. With our interactive, comprehensive and multi media approach, you will get to understand French society and culture through art, literature, news, current affairs, music, cinema, theatre, history, sports and even business.

Confidence boosting French classes:

  • Learn French fast with an experienced and friendly native teacher

  • Modern and fun French classes for adults and teenagers (15+)

  • Interactive and participative classes with emphasis on oral practice

  • All levels available and small groups for maximum benefits

Join one of our online classes to learn French in a relaxed, friendly and informal environment where the focus is on oral communication, and gain confidence quickly.

bridge during night time
bridge during night time

How we teach

Our mission is to help you develop your confidence and make progress in a safe and informal environment, from anywhere in the world, at your own pace.


Whether face to face or online, we focus on communication through guided conversations and role-plays. The use of a textbook gives us a loose framework for a gradual acquisition of essential grammar and vocabulary.


You will be encouraged to read books, online materials such as newspaper and magazine articles and watch videos that will serve as the basis for our guided conversations and discussions.


Will be explained gradually and consolidated in an organic way, always in context when a problem arises. During this process, you will get lots of positive support and feedback on pronunciation too.

Online French classes in London, UK.

Eiffel Towe over the buildings
Eiffel Towe over the buildings

Online French classes in London

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